How Do We Bridge the Gap between Company Vision and Getting There?

How do we unleash the business’ untapped potential – in the as-yet-undiscovered capacities of its teams and future leaders?

How much is it costing to leave unaddressed the inefficiencies and ‘territories’ of your people not working fully together?

How do we solve the ‘engagement’ problem, to get strategies ‘owned’ and into action, and then embedded into continuous improvement?

How do we get our communications and presenting, internal and external, really working for us?

Before we can answer the "Where do we go next?" question, do we know why we are where we are, and what that tells us about who we are?


Theatre of Commerce offers a unique paradigm, derived from vision, production and customer exchange in the model of live theatre - from ever since stories have been shared with audiences

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Theatre of Commerce gives you the foundation for true growth, in applying two unique paradigms to put your and your team's creativity to work, and into practical action.  We take you beyond mere 'goalsetting' into the multi-dimensional, creative world of your business' untapped potential and unimagined capacity.  We align leaders, teams and their markets, by accessing the "nine-tenths of the iceberg below the surface" that's already there in your business, waiting to be engaged.  Not only the stories you tell, but the stories that want to tell themselves to you.

Then, and only then, with your business' true potential identified, should you take on the coaching paradigm and curriculum.  FocalPoint Business Coaching (ranked #1 in the field of business services) helps you build solid strategies to increase productivity and profitability (the twin pillars of business success) on that foundation - in a customized program: "Know Thyself & Thy Business"; Create your Business' Dashboard with the right metrics for you; Clarify what Business You're Really In, or should be in; Get your Marketing and Sales Strategies lined up in front of your Purpose-Values-Mission-Vision continuum; and Engage in Goalsetting and Time Management in the full expresssion of your Unique Value Proposition. 

Productivity (through engagement) and Profitability: the twin pillars of business growth.

Charles McFarland

B.A. Hons, M.A. (University of Cambridge)            

Advanced Technology Manager (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance)

  • Chief Executive, Theatre of Commerce
  • Certified FocalPoint
    Business Performance Coach
  • Certified FocalPoint BTG Corporate Trainer