Did You Know?

According to Catalyst, employee turnover globally costs 21% (that's $10,500 on a $50,000 salary).  Canada rates 4th -highest for employee turnover (that's not a good thing).


60% of CEOs now recognize that culture is more critical to their business' success than strategy or operational models (Boston Consulting Group)


"With the rise of new technology, working from home and 'hot-desking', the sense of a team driven by being together every day has eroded.   With an ever-increasing threat to a loss of company culture, organizations must be responsible for bringing their employees together to nurture a sense of belonging and purpose.  As a leader, it is important to take the team together through experiences and storytelling" - Virgin.

Theatre of Commerce understands the value of storytelling and helps companies better articulate their own stories, engage employees and foster the creativity that already exists in their leaders and teams.

We offer workshops (in story- and team-building), coaching and training for groups to break through to better, transformative narratives, that crafted and shared in the three dimensions of live theatre's production and performance methodologies:

1. STORY ARCS based on "success stories" to guide mission, purpose and values in to unique value propositions, in turn to drive new business models and strategies;
2. COLLABORATIONS - team engagement, coached in collaborative work, for more effective communications (to internal and/or external stakeholders) - "from page to stage";
3. CUSTOMER BUY-IN: practical tools to 'read', connect with and adapt your communications to internal and external "audiences" - and to feed back in the story they hear, rather than the one you tell.
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  • uniquely positioned  to uncover corporate culture and story - which is often hidden, not what management thinks it is, and is inhibiting peak performance;
  • adept at uncovering areas of dysfunction, then coaching the entire team to recraft stronger, more articulate corporate stories, to engage internal and external stakeholders and prospects;
  • expert at clarifying your unique value proposition to build unity among employees, management and between cross-functional teams
  • the leader of workshops (and beyond) that are fun, engaging, spark creativity, break down barriers to communication and foster innovative solutions to challenges and strategy. 



Charles McFarland

B.A. Hons, M.A. (University of Cambridge)            

Advanced Technology Manager (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance)

  • Chief Executive, Theatre of Commerce
  • Certified FocalPoint
    Business Performance Coach
  • Certified FocalPoint BTG Corporate Trainer