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FocalPoint Business Coaching


About FocalPoint Business Coaching

FocalPoint Business Coaching - powered by Brian Tracy. We’re in the Business OF Business.

Our clients are all different, with vastly different needs.  But each of them starts at that turning point, from "How's business?  Pretty good" to "How do I get to that great performance - with increased productivity and profitability in my business - that gets me the quality of life I need and desire?"

What is similar is the ideas they ask us about:

Exit Strategy

Talk to me if you want to use a Business Coach to:

Increase Sales
Decrease Time Issues

Maximize Operational Time
Increase Personal Time

Get your team working better and more efficiently
Get Proactive with Money Issues

Increase Top-Line Revenues
Increase Bottom-Line Revenues
Decrease overheads and costs
Use industry best practices to streamline your company

Show you how to prepare for a profitable “exit” from your business.

Develop a solid valuation for your business
Sell your business to your staff or a family member
Sell the business publicly
Make yourself attractive to a strategic purchaser

- We show you how to put structures in place to get top dollar for your business

Work Smarter, Not Just Harder…

As a FocalPoint Business Coach, I take pride in being a highly trained professional business consultant and mentor. Work with me to get coached on how to work smarter, not harder.

Continuing Education…

Did you know that I invest in myself as well? I use coaching to make sure that I am at my best too.

Every year, I sharpen my skills with over 250 hours of rigorous training and support. I do this so I can add massive value to you and your organization.

The Impact of Business Coaching…

You as the Business Leader (owner, or executive)
Your company, organization or group
Your City
Your Region
Your state or province
Your country
Changing the world, one business at a time.

FocalPoint Business Coaching is the world’s Premier coaching organization. We are a small, and elite group of focused senior business people who have a commitment to ongoing learning and teaching others. We deliver massive value to our clients through the proven methodology of Brian Tracy.

You only have to get answers to two questions: who's your coach, and what's the successful playbook? 


We deliver world class content, using a proven brand, backed by a 100% money back guarantee.


FocalPoint Powered by Brian Tracy is the most powerful business coaching program available today. These strategies and tools are laid out in a step by step curriculum that has helped thousands of businesses worldwide move to the front of the line. This curriculum is made up of five powerful modules. Each module involves 12 (or more) topics:

Module 1: Gaining Power through Clarity

To establish a foundation, a business owner must clarify where the business is today and where it’s going! Among other things, the business itself, the customer and the competition require definition; goals, actions and critical constraints need to be identified; benchmarks for measuring progress and unique selling propositions must be established...all components of completing a Strategic Plan which will be developed within this Module.

Module 2: Increase Your Effectiveness

To optimize business effectiveness, Module 2 provides methods to assist the business owner increase productivity by following 11 key steps; leverage strengths, abilities and resources; focus time; delegate, following 10 principles and adjusting style; position the business to borrow before needing to; simplify by consolidating complex processes and maximizing resources.

Module 3: Grow Your Business

In Module 3, Brian Tracy’s proven background in sales and marketing helps business owners of all types learn effective ways to increase revenues; turbo-charge the marketing plan; build fierce brand loyalty; reduce selling costs; shorten the sales cycle; optimize pricing and reposition products.

Module 4: Become a Superstar Salesperson

Mastering the sales process is critical to a successful business. Module 4 focuses on the components which lead to closing more sales. Clearly defining your ideal prospect; expanding prospect sources; applying strategies and tactics to establish rapport, identify your prospects problem and present the solution; asking good questions and identifying buying signals-will position you to overcome objections and obstacles to close sales every time.

Module 5: Become a Leader

Finally, all great businesses need leadership. Business owners learn to lead effectively by taking full responsibility; articulating and communicating vision, mission, strategic values and purpose; establishing and implementing clear strategies and tactics; identifying and managing stress; blending strategy with reality; aligning people with goals; executing and never ceasing inner exploration-which circles back to the beginning: “Know Thyself”.


One on One Coaching

Business Performance Coach Charles McFarland: I meet one-on-one weekly with Clients on the same day and time every week. One-on-One Coaching Clients are typically the owners of SME businesses that are passionate about their business, want to get everything they deserve out of it and are willing to do what it takes to do so. That is why they have a coach. "Behind Every Great Athlete and Every Great Performer You Will Find a Coach" (Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman).  Business and Corporate Leaders now recognize that this is as true of business performance and, frankly, if you're a business owner without a coach, you run the risk of losing your competitive advantage.

Each session is typically 75 minutes long.  We refer to our curriculum as 'rigidly flexible' or, better yet, structured yet customized to each client's individual goals and needs, trying as much as possible to stick to the sequence of sessions as laid out in the curriculum, but tailoring it as necessary to both long-term objectives and short-term/ immediate concerns.  Each week you, the business owner, undertake preparation activities including reading the upcoming session’s material, doing the current session’s homework and executing actions committed to at the previous week’s session. More and more clarity and direction is gained with each passing week - with action.

All of my 1:1 coaching clients are backed by FocalPoint's industry unique guarantee.


Group Coaching

Group Business Coaching services are offered for like-minded unrelated business leaders that want to form/ belong to a mastermind group or for related parties in a group setting:

  • Your Management Team
  • Association Members

Group Business Coaching follows the same powerful curriculum developed by Brian Tracy that is used for one on one Business Coaching.

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I attended a number of Business Success Skills workshops based on the Brian Tracy FocalPoint Business Coaching method Charles facilitated in the Toronto area. I found Charles to be highly skilled, professional, knowledgeable, detail oriented and an entertaining speaker to boot!  Charles offers a unique value proposition, not only as an effective business performance coach and speaker, but as as a theatre director, producer and promoter whom I believe can bring any business person or company`s performance to the next level. He has imparted his business wisdom to me and has improved the way I do business. 

On a personal note I found Charles to be very present and focused on developing relationships and connecting with people in an intentional way. 
- Sheri Denomme, LegalShield Independent Associate/ Small Business & Group Benefits Specialist