Who We Are

Why do you need a Coach?

Charles McFarlandWhom did Wimbledon Men's title winner Andy Murray hug first when he climbed into the stands?  His Coach (Ivan Lendl).  Every great athlete (and every great performer) has their coach to guide them, cheer them on, prod them, hold their feet to the fire – from good to great, from one of the pack to ahead of the crowd.  How are you going to get yourself "onto the podium"?

Why a FocalPoint Business Performance Coach?

As you're looking for and interviewing coaches, ask the following questions:

1. What's your Brand? 

2. What's your Content or Curriculum?

3. What's your Process, for Consistency and Success?

4. Coach Training and Certification in Business Coaching?

5. The Support System and local, regional and international offices?

6. The Team? network and access to hundreds of worldwide subject matter experts?

7. Technology?

(ask me: I have the FocalPoint unique value propositions and differentiators on this: it's why FocalPoint is consistently ranked #1, as in Entrepreneur 2014)

Why This Coach?

Charles is an award-winning stage director/ producer who, as an arts executive, raised millions of dollars in capital and led large teams in strategic planning, operations, branding, marketing and programming for three brand-new performing arts centres over the past 9 years.  And as the director of over sixty professional shows, he knows a thing or two about coaching and people, identifying the performance 'within' and representing the 'audience' in the production process.  And as a Certified FocalPoint Business Performance Coach, and Brian Tracy Sales Success Trainer, Charles invests in 250+ hours of continuing education per year.

Charles’s clients can expect dramatic results in the following areas:

  • Increased revenue, improved cash flow and net profitability
  • Higher performing teams and improved business operations
  • Robust exit strategies
  • Improved quality of life.

Want to experience an ROI greater than traditional business coaching (which in itself averages 6:1)?

This is not for everyone.  Charles’s clients are high-performing business owners working with proven growth and accountability strategies. Are you passionate about your business and committed to your personal and business goals? More important, are you ready to get to work?  


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"I am not a big fan of "coaching", but I was jolted [nor do I use strong words like that] by the positioning of  messaging that Charles left us with. I have completely changed my elevator pitch...The change is not cosmetic, it's the WHY I do it that is going to be a part of the pitch instead of the more mundane WHAT ........ G.A.,  StartUp Toronto 'pitch' workshop participant


"Before working with Charles I would get stuck in the smaller, mundane checklists of life.  Now I am working on my business, sitting above it and leading it.  The two are very different.

"I have had so many wins since working with Charles:

1) I have created a financial dashboard through working with my office manager and my bookkeeper, to know where I am financially each month in order for me to make better decisions going forward.

2) I have identified my life goals, not just business goals, and created the habit of writing them down on a daily basis to keep me focused on the BIG picture. 

3) I established a more formal employee review system with templates Charles provided, so my employees clearly understand my expectations of them and their expectations of their job.  

"I know that Charles was never there to tell me how to run my business, Charles was always ready with great resources, a compassionate ear and a motivating push in the right direction to get me on my game as a business owner". 

Adrienne M., Chiropractor/ Wellness Centre owner