About Strategic Partnership

About Business Coaching for Premium Coaches

Business Coaching For Premium Coaches is a virtual organization, which combines fully individualized mentor tutoring programs with virtual organization design to grow Independent Premium Global Online Professional Services Firms and Networks.

The Difference Between Bricks-and-Mortar And Virtual Corporate Infrastructure

Bricks-and-mortar corporations are closed networks bounded by ownership boundaries, supported by hierarchical authority and power structures; and where the fundamental unit is the employee.

Virtual corporations are open organic networks, supported by peer-to-peer leadership; mutual collaboration and reciprocal strategic partnerships; and where the fundamental business unit is the independent business owner.

Shift From Social To Communal

The social function of the bricks-and-mortar corporation is superseded by a video communications-based virtual learning community, which has tremendous resources and scope to reach out to like-minded people across the world; and facilitate co-creative, interdisciplinary and intercultural conversations.

Organizational Structure

We are a virtual organization and Premium Global Network in which the professional services business owner forms the fundamental business unit.

Strategic Development Team

Enterprises, programs and projects are the product of co-branded reciprocal strategic partnerships, which, in turn, form the basis of strategic development teams; and these operate through peer-to-peer leadership; and form larger business units for an equal profit share.

Strategic Partners:

Denis Roberts, CEO Business Coaching For Premium Coaches

Charles McFarland, CEO Theatre of Commerce

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